December 29, 2013


Ever been to a type-in? Me neither. This week's was hosted by a local typewriter repair shop, and was organized by our friend Blick, of Cack and Blick fame.

It was a fabulous occasion. Nice people, most typewriter bloggers or collectors of some note. There were amazing typewriters on display, some brought in by the typewriter enthusiasts and some for sale by the shop. I have never seen so many beautiful and unusual typewriters in one place.

The typewriter repair shop has been in business for many many years. As you can imagine, they've had some lean times in the last 20 of them, and they had a blast seeing people have so much fun typing and showing off their machines.

This typewriter:

Had a lovely font:

I finally made it into the shop, after peering through the window for a billion years. I brought my purple Remington in to be repaired, as well. 

In a week I get to go back and pick it up.

Can't wait.

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