April 19, 2014


It was bound to happen. Sometimes I put a treasured possession  in the bathroom that is bathroom-related and a visitor misunderstands. Like when I used one of mrguy's matches from his prized Don The Beachcomber matchbook. He was not happy.

Today's victim was my bar of Praise soap, given to me by my doctor. It was clearly on display in the guest bath, but on the other hand the soap in the soap dish was down to a sliver. 

The mammoo, passing through town on her way to Easter, unwrapped the Praise and used it as...soap. Imagine! ;)

I could allow the bar to dry, find the wrapper and rewrap it? That is what the archivist in me might want to do. But I think I'm just going to go ahead and use it.

We move ahead.

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