April 15, 2014

Santa's Helper

Took Friday off in order to bring leis to some friends who were getting married. 

Someone guarded them for a minute, but he's not to be trusted.

Mrguy and I brought our floral tribute to the city and then visited with the grand mammoo's best friend of 74 years. Can you IMAGINE knowing someone for that many years? So lovely. I always refer to her by her initials or by the name 'Santa's Helper". I remember exactly where I was when she called to talk to my mom and I asked "One minute please. May I ask who is speaking?" 

Slight diversion, here. That sounds completely pretentious, and maybe it is *actually* pretentious, but that is what I was taught to say on the phone to adults who called the house. 

For some reason, our friend replied that she was Santa's Helper, and asked me what I wanted for Christmas. This is now permanently her name, and if I call asking for Santa's Helper, she knows exactly who it is. The same way that when her daughter calls my mom and asks for Mrs. Sam, it could be only one person.

She gave us a Diet Coke in her apartment overlooking the city and we chatted for an hour before heading over the bridge to beat traffic. This was the high point of my week.

I hope to take more days off and drop in on the older people I love.

It's important.

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