April 15, 2014

Tomato Saturday

Saturday was the great tomato sale. All heirloom organics. Three clams apiece.

After eating fresh tomato puree every morning on my toast in Madrid, I'm mildly obsessed with tomatoes. This is the year. When I got the notice about the sale I got very excited.

Here is the setting for the sale. I'm standing behind a mound full of free compost, and the tables in the distance contain no fewer than 60 varieties of tomatoes.

We availed ourselves of yonder black gold.

It turns out that some tomato seeds from our old garden hitched a ride in the pots that we used to move some of our favorite plants to the new place. Now we have four volunteer tomato plants! Those are now bunking up with our lovingly tended three dollar master gardener tomatoes.

The beefsteaks are going downstairs to the garden, but the cherries and our mystery tomatoes are now on the upper deck. We'll see what happens.

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