July 28, 2015

For The Love of Money

I woke up to the sound of For The Love of Money in my head, again on the sofa at the mama's house.

I came here yesterday to meet with some auctioneers, the Asian lady and the Decorative man. Decorative told me that the museum full of European antiques would probably only net $10k. The Asian would net slightly more, but we have an emotional attachment to them. I find it all fairly sad, since my mom as been trapped in her home after inheriting these things some 40 years ago.

Since we'd net so little, do we want to sell any of it? If we don't, I have to store or get rid of it in a week and a half, when we have to turn over an empty house to the realtor.

Yesterday we had the following people at the house:

9:00 -- the neighbor who is painting. A great guy, bit of a nut, loves to tell stories.
9:45 -- realtor and stager
11:00 -- Decorative Guy and Asian Lady from the auction house
2:00 --  Our Bro, eager to work
4:30 -- Bigsis and the mama, who have news from the doctor. Mom wants to paw through every drawer in the house (for the millionth time) and take more stuff to her apartment. She told middlesis that she really wants to move to a different apartment and that she's unhappy. She told bigsis that she likes her apartment.
4:30 -- middlesis' former best friend, who just happened to drive down our street for the first time in 25 years.

Week and a half to get out of the house.

Bro is down to help. He's anxious about how to be helpful, and wants to get started. 

Mom and bigsis didn't leave for hours. Bro and I finished up three rooms. 

I have jury duty today.

I will only live this week once.

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Richard P said...

Jury duty, now? Insult to injury!

My mother shows every sign of wanting to paw through drawers too. Everything she has to give up brings tears to her eyes. It's going to be a rough few months.

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