July 16, 2015

Massage? Not!


Yesterday was amazing. The moving company came and finished unpacking my mom's apartment. I was able to run out and get her groceries and champagne. It looked beautiful! Mom was super appreciative.

But today is a new day and she has reservations. It's noisy and hot. She's miserable, Middlesis is miserable. I'm miserable.


After several days of moving, family vacation prior to that (most of which I spent either sleeping in the same bed as Mom or keeping an eye on her), I'm pooped. And to not have resolution, rest, a moment to enjoy the success of yesterday? It's kinda awful.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Was going to take the day off and get a massage, but now I'm going to have a discussion with my sister about how to make things better.

1 comment:

Richard P said...

Owwwww! So sorry.

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