August 26, 2007

Balderdash, Minnesota-style

We've only played Balderdash with the Guy family in the past, but last night we branched out and played with a room full of wascally rambunctious academics. It compared rather favorably, I have to say ;)

Here's a sample of the night's fare:

1) A British dessert based on a classical Indian sweet
2) A loan word from Chippewa for a type of corn grown in what is now Nebraska
3) A nautical cleaning compound used for cleaning boats
4) In golf, a swing that fails to hit the ball
5) A Korean condiment

Sunny Side Up
1) After a woman working at a big city pickle factory gets stressed out, she moves to the countryside to relax
2) A woman named Sunny falls in love with a man named Sunny and hilarity ensues
3) A swimming instructor whose in vitro fertilization is exposed in a Florida resort drowns in a yellow pool
4) Two waitresses from a cafe hit the road and find true love
5) Two young men on a road trip learn about love and pharmaceuticals
6) A small town waitress is forced to turn tricks on the side to make ends meet
7) A railroad magnate takes over a chicken farm, in this hilarious industrial age romp
8) On a hot day in Philadelphia, two young girls learn a valuable lesson from a trucker

And there you have it. A good time was had by all and I won Balderdash, but only because we played a half game.

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