August 29, 2007

Day 3

I've decided that I'm not prepared to speak of the wonder of the state fair, so I'm skipping on to day three.

On day three we foraged for ourselves in the city.

First we went in search of grub. We were hoping to go to Cafe 38, which has connections to Surly Brewing, but it was closed. We went instead to Rice Paper Asian fusion. I didn't come here for the Asian food. I came here for the herring, but that's o.k. I'd eat my weight in the green onion tofu wrap dealie I ordered if the opportunity arose.

After lunch we saw something that made me wish I had cameras in my eyes. The cutest little man, wearing a green checked tam-o-shanter that was larger than his bottom. With a red striped t-shirt, red shorts, and two different lengths of dark socks with street shoes. Wow. I love people.

Then we went to pay a visit to the final resting place of Tiny Tim. Even before I picked up the uke I followed Tiny Tim. Read his book, bought 78's of performers he liked... I finally got to see him play at a rock club many years ago. Glad I did, although in my passion to get a good view I positioned myself at center front, he was one of those spitty performers, and it was a little icky. But brief. He played about four songs, most of them twice.

After the mausoleum, we went to two guitar stores and a record store. This is my idea of a supremely good time. Yes, I bought vinyl.

And then we had dinner with our people at The Craftsman, where I had this tasty but unphotogenic beverage:

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