December 30, 2007

Chin Ho Kelly here to save the day!

Around Day 6 of my time on the sofa, I developed a new obsession.

As mrguy was digitizing our 78's, I began to wonder whether Hilo Hattie really was part of Harry Owens' band. The answer was yes, but my research also led me to a Hawaii Five-O fan site which listed her as a guest star.

Why had it never occurred to me to watch Hawaii Five-O before? It's chock-full of what I like: 1960's Honolulu, eye-popping aloha wear, kitschy lingo, and the occasional local guest star, like Hilo Hattie or Carol Kai. This is perfect viewing for the guy family. The first three episodes and the pilot were really great, and there are 69 more episodes available on DVD (278 in all).

Ask me about Five-O fansites :)

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