December 1, 2007

New York, Day 2

Saturday was officially my birthday. We went to the Armory to see the Modernism show, where I learned that I have fabulous taste. Two months ago I almost bid on some Ed Wiener earrings, which later sold for $150. I saw them at the Modernism show, and would have thrown down for them (what with it being my birthday and all) if they hadn't been FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS. These are earrings, people, not etchings.

Then we went to Ginger Man to sample beer and dial up friends. Thankfully, we know some spontaneous types who came out and gave us the hard news: SNL actors were doing a live version of their show that night, tickets were completely sold out and acquaintances of ours were the musical act. Knife through my heart on that one, but good times with a good friend.

The richness continued! My sister and brother both called while we were at Ginger Man.

Off to Brooklyn, where we ran into friends from the forklift museum on the subway. Never has a trip to Brooklyn seemed more effortless. We met our friends Threads and Snappy at Yemen Cafe, and caught up on butter minutia while eating fried bread with butter, sugar and cinnamon. I wish we'd had more time or had not been on our fourth adventure of the day. We were snatched from them way too soon.

Undaunted, we *did* go the UCB theater in the hopes that we could get in. Denied, but we saw a part of town we wouldn't have otherwise. We raided the vending machines and ate junk food. My idea of a nightcap. And a birthday.

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