December 1, 2007

New York, Day 1

There was no joy in Mudville as respects our attempt to see Saturday Night Live in NY. But the tickets were purchased, and my birthday comes around no matter what you do. We went.

Took the red eye, dropped off our bags, got a Palm Beach shrimp sandwich with feta and white balsamic dressing at Chopp'd. I've been waiting 16 months for that sandwich.
Then off to my old haunt, the Museum of Modern Forklifts, where we spent some happy days in December 2005. Saw our old buds, eyed their new digs, and caught up, but not enough. I miss them.

Then quick! Off like bunnies to see our best friends from the city here, who now live upstate there. We shot the shinola while eating black pudding (o.k. *I* ate black pudding).

The night ended too quickly. Lacking additional companionship, we went back to the fancy bar at our fancy hotel and sipped passionfruit caipirinhas. Not a bad start to our trip.

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