December 20, 2007

New York, Day 3

Did I mention that this was my best birthday ever?

Sunday we went to an antiques show at the piers, where again my taste was entirely vindicated.

Three years ago I went to a warehouse sale. The people running it had bought an entire container of old stuff from Switzerland: everything from 16mm films from the 'teens, to painted cowbells and rugs and furniture. Dotted around the warehouse were these bizarre and quite ugly but stylish pots from West Germany. Blobby glazes, weird shapes, "off" colors. I thought they were so unusual that I should buy them all. I bought only what I could afford with the 20 bucks I had in my wallet, which got me one French pot and a tall German one with dents and blobs in contrasting blues.

At the sale in NY we met our first dealers of West German pottery and learned that the pots are now highly collectible. Kate Spade had just come through and bought a lot of the inventory for her stores. I found two very small versions of my blue guy listed for $145. And we bought some pots, and then some more.
We wandered around, looking for somewhere to eat and found the perfect restaurant. They sat us next to the piano, and the sweet teen Abe Lincoln piano player brought me almost to tears with his rendition of "Here's That Rainy Day".


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