April 6, 2008

Hawaii 2008, Day 7

We finally hit the road.

Back to Kakaako, where the folks were kind enough not to point out that you don't get potatoes with your egg breakfast in Honolulu :)

Then we went to Kailua.

Hungry Ear Records, Kailua, isn't big enough to accommodate all God's children who want to look at the local music LPs, so I called dibs on the Na Kane record I'd forgotten to buy last time, and left the shopping to the menfolk. Done.

Off to Kaneohe, where we didn't see Senator Fong's Garden, but did find a public one with a pretty trail, friendly nene and a mongoose.

Then to Haliewa Joe's, Kaneohe, but first a detour on the highway that took us out of our way but in a delightful manner. We stopped at a pier where we could get a better look at Mokolii and Ms Scandiwaiian could record the sound of the sailboat lanyards slapping in the breeze.

Haliewa Joe's is in a magnificent setting, but smells like Sunday morning frat house. We couldn't stay long or eat there. We headed back to town, with a small detour for photos, and off to a nice restaurant in Kaimuki. The food was great, but my main memory is of the chefs standing around reading Scandi's Seafood Watch pamphlet when the dinner rush was over :)

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