April 6, 2008

Hawaii 2008, Day 8

Mr. Finn professed a desire to see Punchbowl Cemetery. Scandi and I are always up for anything that smacks of genealogy, and we decided to find Hilo Hattie's gravesite and make our respects. Finding her grave proved tricky but doable (thanks, Mr. Finn!).
We took pictures of the monument that appears in the opening credits of Hawaii Five-0, and then took in the view.
Then to Aiea to Jelly's books and records. Next time, we will allot two hours. Plus the Salvation Army is supposedly fabulous, which I wouldn't know because those guys actually wore me out with the shopping. I waited in the car with my new autobiography of Hilo Hattie and commenced to reading.

Paradise Found cafe in Haliewa was definitely on the hit list. Tragedy struck, and their supplier for the taro burgers has gone out of business. I had to branch out and have the lemon pepper tofu plate, and it was amazingly good.

Scandi is part turtle, so we went to the beach and saw this beauty, Pukalani, and beach chickens and surfers.

Back to town for drinks and dinner, in that order.

Those guys hadn't been to La Mariana and we'd never been at night, when the piano player is in residence. Boy what we've been missing. A large group next to him was singing along, and the motley list of songs was pretty entertaining: My Ding-a-Ling, Here in this Paradise, Benny and the Jets (extended remix eternity please-make-it-stop version), a Kui Lee medley, Tiny Bubbles, back to Elton, then some James Brown before the piano player needed to catch the last bus home. It was so fun.

Dinner was at the Side Street Inn, one of Scandi's finds. The people who run it are friendly, and chefs kick it there after their shifts. It was fun and low key and the food was pretty good. When we can be the only tourists in a place we're happy, and this was one of those times.
Finally it was time to say good night. We managed to squeeze some fun in on our way to the airport the next day, but this was the end of the road for the four of us, and our respective rides, Black and White McGarrett.

Such a good trip!

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