April 6, 2008

Hawaii 2008, last day

Our flight wasn't leaving until later in the day. I had buildings I needed to visit, and mrguy sweetly took me to my favorites for a last peek.

Century Plaza (?) is a lovely building with a a mirrored tower that rises from a modern sculpted base. The pattern in the cement parking structure really speaks to me, and the contrast with the tower is classic Honolulu to me:

My porn store. Poor building! Once a proud example of mid-century retail architecture, it now houses some great (Akasaka and the jazz club) and some slummy (tattoos, Axxion video) elements:

The Queen Emma building. I could see her from our state capital tour and, I think, Punchbowl, and hadn't been able to get close enough for pictures. I can't explain why I love this building as much as others dislike it. It was bold in its day. It had layers and layers of ornament and color. It is abandoned now, and I feel like it's a friend I'll never see again. I'm crossing my fingers:

I was still snapping away all the way to the airport. We stopped at the brewing supply store for a chat with the owner, and then got on the plane. Or actually, ATA (RIP) had a complete meltdown and it took thirty of us an hour to check in. We had just enough time to look at Ossipoff's koa sculptures over the ticket desks and get on the plane.

Until next year.

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