April 27, 2008

Ukulele Festival

I love the Ukulele Festival. Good kaukau, good shopping, good music.

This year did not disappoint :)

The show itself went well. You Belong to my Heart must have some special power that I did not understand previously. People applauded it before we even played. And when we played Paniolo Medley, I saw people singing along to "Kilikila Na Rough Riders", and a woman sitting in the back in a wheelchair had a HUGE smile on her face and was clapping in time and rocking out. A few in the crowd were a little tiki face at times, but that's o.k. ;)

I didn't feel like waiting for the chicken teri, so I branched out and had chili instead. I've never had chili with mac and rice, but it was a good combo.

It was HOT! The shave ice lines were long. I'm still recovering from the heat.

What a gorgeous day.

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