May 10, 2008

What's in the Pantry? King Kelly

Ode To King Kelly.

Your curvy bottle, your jaunty name, your recipe suggestions under the lid, your logo and your sparkly flavor make you my pantry mainstay.

When I want to add a little sweetness to salad dressing, you are the man.

Yogurt and King Kelly and a banana combine to make my favorite weekend treat.

And then there's Banana Sunshine Pie, my riff on that weekend treat. The Pillsbury Bakeoff folks own that recipe now, but it is basically a sour cream pie with a layer of sliced bananas on the top, and a glaze of King Kelly to top it all off. Mmmm.

Moving on from the ode...should I make that tonight?

In the other room, mrguy and BananaChas are disassembling snippets of Japanese nursery rhymes and doing God knows what with them, under the watchful gaze of Tarako. The last work they did together involved manipulating twenty year old recordings of refrigerator noise. It sounds so good I can barely leave the house.

You go, funny dudes.

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