May 18, 2008

Straightening the Bent

Yesterday we celebrated the bar mitzvah of a young friend who we saw hatched from a chick. He has grown into a poised, confident and thoughtful young person. Smooth dancer, too.

The ceremony was long and interesting, with the lapsed Catholics among us recognizing a few familiar passages from the old testament, now appearing with different translations and melody in the Jewish tradition. Very cool. Then we ate in the park, where young ladies climbed trees in their party dresses. Adults ate bagels and recapped the event thusfar.

In between events, we went to my singing lesson. This is necessary because I have lost an A and an E that are essential to the alto part in the musical entertainment for the yearly forklift debut party.

Then mrguy and I visited ms scandiwaiian and mr finn, and walked up the hill from their house to the Greek Festival. We ate haloumi, drank beer and looked at the gorgeous view. Some people were in costume. Greek costume. Except for the guy who seemed to have looked at the thermometer and decided that hot pants were in order. Traditional Greek costume? Or 5 months early for Oktoberfest? I'm not enough of an expert to know.

Back at the post-bar mitzvah celebration we reconnected with old friends, ate yummy food and saw our celebrant hoisted aloft on a folding chair to the tune of "I Got You (I Feel Good)".

Mutants and Avengers at the Fillmo in July.

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