May 18, 2008

Cantaloupe Sorbet

This morning I asked mrguy if he would prefer vanilla ice cream or cantaloupe sorbet. He voted for sorbet so I headed down to Jewel of Ceren to procure melons.

In a new market I always end up in a blissful shopping trance, so I bought hibiscus puree and date vinegar along the way. Good to see that the new store still has some stock left from the Middle Eastern market that was there before it.

What can I cook with lemon powder and turmeric water?

My three lbs of melon did not yield the six cups of juice that I needed, so I improvised with a little yogurt and some of the magic flavor pouches (cacao and Brazilian plum) from the freezer section of my regular stomping grounds, Los New Friends Market.

Tasty! Easy! And completely unrepeatable due to my vamping mid-recipe.

mrguy is very happy.

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