May 10, 2008

Welcome Chin Ho Guy

A new ride has entered the family. I didn't want to announce it until he had a name.

He is Chin Ho Guy, named in tribute to the character Chin Ho Kelly, who was himself a tribute to Chinn Ho, developer of the Ilikai.

He's a bit of a scrapper, having already successfully defended himself against another car that took the word "intersection" too literally. Before he even got his plates! S'o.k. though.

In closing, I offer the list of cars past. Each is deserving of its own story in these pages:

6) Ivar (1996 Toyota Corolla) a decommissioned Hertz. Uncool cars rock!
5) Antwan (1983 Toyota Tercel) we never had a problem, despite taking it to 183,000 miles
4) Stinky (1966 Plymouth Barracuda) suave but was possessed with electrical and clutch issues
3) Roy (1968 VW Super Beetle) named after the original owner's father
2) Maceo (1968 Oldsmobile DelMont 88), named after JB's horn player
1) Thelma D. (1958 Chevy BelAir), named after grandmamoo guy

1 comment:

Rev. Biggles said...

OooooOOo, new car!

That's quite a span of years there and not many vehicles. The oldest car I had was a '60 Mercury something or other. My count is up over 30 now ...

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