May 16, 2008

Guitar Center Has Gone Soft

I have to say...I had not been to Guitar Center in many years. I would rather chew my arm off than repeat most of the experiences I have had there. Today, necessity took us there and it was actually pleasant. PLEASANT, I tell you!! Real dudes working there who seem like someone you'd have coffee with in another life. People who seem genuinely interested in what you're getting and why. Wow. What happened to you people?

I hate to say it, but I may go back.

In the day, Guitar Center is the place you'd go to if you really had to. You knew you were going to get a terrible deal, especially if you were a chick. Almost nothing was priced. Whatever the salesdude could get you to pay was what things cost. If you were very annoying and persistent you could get a fair price.

The only time I came out on top was when I went to exchange a 12' guitar cable for a 24' cable once, on a Friday evening. The place was packed, and it was pandemonium. The salesdudes were harried. I found a one and told him I wanted to exchange my cord. Without even really looking at me, he gave me the 24' cable (thrust it at me, really) and didn't charge me the difference. He probably knew I was overcharged in the first place. Eventually I didn't need Guitar Center any longer and I was spared the experience. Whew.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I liked you today, Guitar Center.

Time has mellowed us both.

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