November 15, 2008

Bidet 2008

One reason mrsguy has been relatively silent lately is that the creative juices have been diverted to a presentation I'm giving in Japan about forklifting and how the factory sets out to make those forklifts so nice.

And because of the timing, certain celebrations are being observed early. The first wave was last night. Ms scandiwaiian and mrguy and I went to see our friend's piece exhibited in a museum. And since we were together, I got some niiiiigh birthday swag:

Check it out. Coin purses in the image of the amazing cassette tapes I have owned. The first is Wow Booty Shake Vol. 2, a tape I bought just for its title. Every song is vile, catchy and funny in an awful way. I sang along with it so much that I ended up having a dream that I had found Wow Booty Shake Vol. 1.

The second tape is Funny Tape. You may recall this from mrsguy. Again, fabulously commissioned for me by ms scandiwaiian for my birthday. I am honored.

We came home from our adventure (o.k., I picked up my car from work, and took a detour to give a ride to a damsel in distress), and there was a box waiting in the hallway. omg. A gift from that nice boy: two bottles of pear eau de vie, two bottles of kirsch, two bottles of raspberry eau de vie.

Bidet is off to a nice start :)

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