November 25, 2008

Japan 2008, Day 1

I should just title this "The Foods of ANA".

Flying on ANA is so heavenly that nobody in their right minds wants to get off the plane. The flight attendants lavish you with attention and food. I was stuffed when I got to Tokyo.

First there was champagne. And then shochu. I chose the type made from barley, and mrguy chose the one made from sweet potatoes:

Then came the ANA Signature Amuse, featuring the best cheese sticks in the entire world. I have craved those cheese sticks for two years:

Then the first course, featuring the best daikon flower I have ever eaten, lovely surf clam, salt-grilled saury, hoshigaki and many other taste treats.

Then the second course. Fish and vegetables in a delicate broth, served with pickles.

The meal ended in an enormous parfait that guilt prevented me from refusing. Followed closely by the offer of after dinner drinks and truffles.

Because of the girl band back home, I watched a movie about a girl band in Japan, then I woke up and studied some for the forklift presentation.

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