January 23, 2009

Hawaii 2009, Day 2

Oh so relaxing.

After exchanging the loud rental car, we circled back to find a beautiful relic of the past that had beckoned from the freeway: Aloha Kia, which had once been a south seas restaurant.

The manager let us wander around and take photos.

Then off to Salvation Army to look for aloha shirts. While discussing accessorizing during checkout, the cashier informed us "That's what separates us from the animals: the ability to accessorize!" Well said, my friend.

The search for sandals took us to Ward Center. Here we had our first "Barry Wuz Here" sighting.

Then off to Na Mea Hawaii. Everybody who tries to sing in Hawaiian needs this book. It's an index of Hawaiian albums arranged in two sections: by song title and by artist. I decided that if it contained a listing for an obscure band like Na Kane, they'd really done their homework, so I bought it.

Lunch! mrguy found us plate lunch at Haili's in Ward Farmer's Market. My fried ahi lunch was cheap ($7.95), and delicious. Doves marched about around our feet outside as we ate. It is mating season, and no I do not like you like that, mrs dove :)

At the Contemporary museum we saw exhibitions of
H.C. Westermann and Toshiko Takaezu. Here's what some other people had to say about it:

We went to our usual Thursday night stop. The band we'd gone to see had a gig in DC (the best Hawaiian steel player in the world also happens to be the son of Senator Akaka). But the band sitting in was really talented, the front man kolohe, and so many of the family of friends who congregate there on Thursdays were in attendance. It had much of the same spirit.

A little local television, this time Andy Bumatai, and then off to sleep.

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