January 24, 2009

Hawaii 2009, Day 3

We started slowly on day 3, so that I could get a massage to help with the whiplash from last week's car accident.

I was eager to see the two exhibitions of Japanese prints At the Honolulu Academy of Arts. They also had an exhibit of AbEx prints from their collections, and exhibition of illuminated manuscripts that had been painted India. The manuscripts were the last on my list and in person were completely awe-inspiring. These are dainty, jewel-like paintings were so finely made that part of the exhibit experience includes carrying around a large magnifying glass in order to view them. It is a known fact that viewing art under a magnifying glass in a museum gallery is just about one of my favorite things.

Lunch at the Pavilion Cafe (always great), followed by a little shopping at Ala Moana...what's not to like? Mrguy found me the program from the 2007 Hawaiian sumo exhibition for two bucks at the Japanese market, and we bought our dinner there. They have so much great take-out: I
 finally got to see tako yaki made (it's the octopus cousin to abelskiver) and to bring some home. Tasty!! They bang a drum to let you know your order's up.

As always, the Halekulani was relaxing and worthwhile. Pa'ahana is our favorite of their house bands. Mentored by Kahauanu Lake, they have that same style of delicious harmony. Two hula dancers from the north shore danced and one did a beautiful oli. And as always, the lovely Kanoe Miller...

The unexpected pleasure of the evening was mrguy's recognizing that a painting at the
 concierge desk was by Tadashi Sato.

When I asked about the painting, the concierge pulled out a binder that identified where his other paintings were in the building. We had some fun wandering the Halekulani on our quest and snapping pictures along the way.

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