January 26, 2009

Hawaii 2009, Day 5

I'm a few days behind in the blog world, but we've had early morning enjoying to do...

Sunday we went to the Ala Wai Challenge. As part of the event they were offering canoe taxi service across the canal. 
The day was hot and lovely, so after we crossed, we flopped on the lawn and listened to the fabulous ukulele stylings of Herb Ohta Jr. (a $30 value back home), and clapped for the outrigger teams as they crossed the finish line.

Later, we met up with Ms Scandiwaiian and Mr Finn. They were held up by a lion dance happening in the parking lot. I fed one of the lions and he winked at me and flirted.

Then we went to Jelly's in Aiea. Ms S found some additional sumo books for me...and I found a record by Myra English that contains a song that we will add to our "Hawaiian songs with references to electricity" set.

This left us *just* enough time to get over to Hawaii Kai to see Ledward Ka'apana at Kona Brewing. I can't think of that many musicians who are in his league, so you need to check him out. When you listen to him you know your ears are in the hands of someone who knows what he's doing. He had members of his family playing with him, and we couldn't get a table anywhere nearby so I don't know who they were.

So ends day 5.

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