April 27, 2009


I have wanted a Biodome Seed Starter (tm) for a really long time. Ordered one in November and it was back-ordered for two months. It took me until today to get my seeds in. Here's what I planted:

1) Nigella (Love in a Mist) -- for mrguy
2) Cherry Belle radishes -- seeds that are decades old but have a beautiful package
3) Red shiso
4) Green shiso
5) Zinnias -- my mom told me to
6) Iceland poppy -- a seed packet mysteriously found at my house
7) Beets -- not enough beets in my life. Ever
8) Dusty miller -- not that exciting, but the sweet birdies like to make nests out of the soft leaves
9) Cardamom -- I rummaged in the spice drawer. We'll see if this works
10) Irish buttercups -- seeds that I harvested when I was 11, and Monty Python was still first-run

Now my biodome mission is partially complete. The waiting begins.

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