April 26, 2009

Ukulele Festival

Pau. That's the Hawaiian word for "done".

The ukulele festival today ended my run of three gigs in ten days. I'm sure I've never played that much in ten days, and certainly not with three different combos. This was a great happiness...

The uke festival was fun, and it came with its share of obstacles.

The show ran a half hour ahead of time. As a result, we went on *cold* and people who came to see us missed us and a bandmate even missed us. We played with great enthusiasm and had a good time.

Oh the power of the sprout. Siren-like, it lured a man to come tell me how much he enjoyed our performance. Claimed he couldn't take his eyes off me and the sprout. Kind fellow.

I like people who like me and the sprout.

And I like being in the boosum of the 'ohana.

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