April 26, 2009

The Weekend

2K and I met up at the disaster drill, held at the town next door. It turns out that firefighters only fight fires, so I did a lot of standing around and watching 2K be a hero (helping the wounded, prying heavy cement off a dummy, who was then pulled to safety).

I couldn't wait around for the bbq and critique of our work. I had to jet.

Two hours later I was in a party dress and pearls, doing sound check with the Hammerslag Singers at the theater. Then I ate two boxes of Jujyfruits and enjoyed the debut of the new forklifts.

I took the cue from a friend who goes to Disneyland when it opens and goes to the back of the park: we went to the food station that was farthest away from the entrance and ate some of the most beautiful sushi cones ever, until the rest of humanity copped a clue.

Later, the ladies of Three Letters met in the lobby for pictures (of body parts, of groups of us) and mrguy got to see us in action. He knows why I dote on them so.

After the long day I had to get home.

I was in my tiny bed by midnight.

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