April 18, 2009

A Sunny Day

With the first of the three gigs of April out of the way, some relaxation commenced.

We got up very early to go to a record sale. On the way we saw this sign but didn't see the seniors who were going to pump our gas:

I bought a Pearl Bailey record.

Then to an estate sale where no fewer than 5 record dealers were seen. The line was hideous.

I came out with another copy of this, and a Toru Takemitsu record.

All that standing in line with strangers and making new friends and shopping made us very hungry, so we dug into a yummy lunch here:

More shopping ahead, and we listened to the Birds finally finish off the A's in the 12th on our drive.

We went across the pond to another estate sale with lots of pottery. Our good-natured argument about whether or not putting pot shards over the hole in a clay pot does any good was enjoyed by other shoppers.

The day ended with an impromptu Tibetan dinner with miss wartz.

I can get used to Saturdays like this.

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