July 9, 2009

Balderdashia 2009, Game 1

On day two, the full complement of loved ones arrived, Beyond Balderdash was opened, and I stayed up past my bedtime.

I have to say that I miss Laughable Laws. The substitute category, dates, forces people to try to guess or finesse the actual event rather than to make something laughable. Laughing is the most important part of Balderdash.

The people have spoken:

1) A consecrated beezwax used to shine the Pope's shoes
2) Wax derived from the trunks of Asian elephants
3) Another name for royal jelly, renowned for its pacifying virtues
4) A new growth of hair on the head
5) A brand of candles used in churches
6) Slang word for various products used for treating snowboards, so-called because they contained natural waxes derived from the peaceberry plant

1) Cowboy slang for snake
2) A failed precursor to the popular music-sharing website, Napster
3) The hex nut that holds a propeller on a biplane
4) The winning point in a game of jai-alai
5) A quilted robe
6) Religious foot-washing
7) A word coined by poet Wilfid Sasoon to rhyme with "helicopter"

The Affairs of Annabelle
1) Following their maid's untimely death, a family learns that their maid was a wealthy heiress in hiding.
2) A spinster lady hires a young lawyer to write her will, stipulating that her beloved neice will inherit everything if she promises never to marry. When the lawyer and the niece fall in love, turmoil ensues.
3) This charming tale follows the misadventures of a pig named Annabelle and her plucky friend, a red hen.
4) A comedy about a Norwegian grandmother coming clean about a lifetime of love affairs while on a road trip to her new hospice with her family
5) A society matron is reincarnated in a cow named Annabelle, who wins the Kentucky Derby.
6) This movie stars Lucille Ball as an actress who poses as a cleaning woman, gets kidnapped and becomes a star overnight.
7) A kleptomaniac and an Alzheimer's patient discover they are related when they both steal the prize pinto bean collection of a "Mini Me" impersonator named N. Able.

Answers in the next post...

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