July 26, 2009

Vegan Wonders

There are a few restaurants around here that prove that vegan food can be enticing. Cafe Affirmation is one of them. The flavors are delicious, and their affirmations are usually innocuous. It was Miss Wartz' birthday this week, so we went to Cafe Affirmation.

This time, things hit a sour note. Our hippie was slow, and dessert was inedible. We kept eating it, though, because it was such a marvel that something made out of chocolate could taste that awful.


Later in the week a colleague and I went out to lunch at the Zen restaurant. I love this place. The super-tall cashier and host rarely moves his face but seems sweet beneath all the granite. It's quiet and respectful. Their sauces are made out of simple ingredients but are so tasty. I think that brown rice is nasty -- except when they make it.

The miso, bean and burdock sauce on the braised kale below, has haunted me all weekend.

Do I need to break out the burdock this weekend?


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