July 1, 2009

Selling Stuff

As readers of mrsguy know, I like the occasional auction and there is a local auction house that we frequent. The grand mammoo caught the bug one day when I was telling her about an auction, and she started looking around for things to sell.

Last week mrguy took her to the auction house for a free appraisal of the items she wants to sell. A space at the auction house was set up with appraisers at tables. Sellers took a number and waited their turn to have their items appraised. Most people brought in items that weren't worth a whole lot. The mamoo's weren't tremendously valuable, but valuable enough that they'll sell them for us. Anyhoo...

While their appraiser stepped away, another seller put his items on the next table to show to *his* appraiser. mrguy saw a beautiful pair of Victorian boots, and something in a paper bag. He looked away, and then heard the appraiser gasp loudly. He looked back.

It was a shrunken head.

He has eaten beef stroganoff with the Ramones and has seen a shrunken head without trying.

I think I am jealous.

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