July 9, 2009

Russodad Blitz

Oh glorious Russodad.

We had a party for our newlyweds (pieces from the house Clue game stood in for bride and groom on the tart).

We survived the Sarah Palin resignation without having cross-party discussions about it. We survived the Michael Jackson funeral without talking about it, and I had several people-related reference questions from the family that were quite satisfying.

On the last day we played mini golf:

and on the last evening we played Balderdash again. Halfway through we doubled the points so we could all go to sleep!

Expresso Bongo
1) The semi-interesting story of the rise to fame and fortune of a struggling bongo player and his fast-talking agent.
2) A group of island resort musicians find themselves mixed up in a sting when they mistakenly offer to help unload a coffee shipment and discover smuggled drugs instead.
3) A taxi driver has high times on his first night taking fares when Cheech and Chong catch his cab.
4) Three AWOL marines open a coffee bar with Bongo, a chimp, serving as their waiter.
5) Three Italian beatniks start a music club in Greenwich Village.
6) In this fast and funny film, two bongo-playing chimpanzees steal the show.

1) Professional Women Photographers
2) Parrots Without Partners
3) Pennsylvania Wildlife Protectors
4) Pagan Workers Party
5) Please Wear Protection
6) Posse of Western Persons

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