September 17, 2009

The Miracle of Potatoes

A few months ago I was digging in the compost and found a beautiful Yukon Gold potato. I'd tried to compost it because it had turned too green to eat. When I saw him again he was a lovely yellow potato with a long stem and lots of green leaves.

The resident potato expert at work told me that if I replanted the potato and buried the entire stem, I would get many more potatoes. I was rewarded with this harvest:

I am certain that there were more potatoes. The squirrels have been busy in my potato pot. The soil was disturbed and I found a peanut.

There were three small green potatoes in the bunch. I am returning them to the ground to see if I can get another harvest.

1 comment:

recovering ignoramus said...

I love that the squirrels left a peanut calling card. how very squirrelish

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