September 20, 2009

Sumo Mascots

It's week two of the autumn sumo basho. In order for me to be able to view it, we splurged and ordered TV Japan.

First, TV Japan is awesome. We've watched a soap opera about mochi and a show that seemed to be all in pantomime and about manga, starring the Japanese "Mac Guy" in the Apple commercials. One night we watched an in-depth interview with a dj from WFMU. And a talk show that had a catsup tasting.

All this and sumo. Two hours of it, every day, broadcast in the wee hours. We record it. I'm a few days behind in my viewing.

What I watched last night was terrific (I think it was day five of the basho). We got to see an in-depth interview with one of the Mongolian wrestlers and watch him ride his Mongolian horse that looks like Cousin It. Chiyonofuji did color commentary that evening, and this was also the night that they debuted the new sumo mascot.

Ouch. I could have done without that part.

I am of the opinion that sumo does not need a mascot. The little friend, above, is the best looking of the bunch, but they've created a stuffed version of him that looks like the angriest, naked-est Muppet. It's not even cute. Mascots are supposed to be cute.

If this is the best idea you have for revitalizing the sport, people, what's next? 

Dot racing?

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