September 3, 2009

mrs is for a lady or guy

The title is in honor of one of the visitors to mrsguy, but it's apropos because this post includes mrguy south, who I met for dinner last week in Studio City:

He took me to Daichan, which had an unusual menu and terrific atmosphere. It was like eating in a Japanese thrift store. Our waitress had pink hair and talked with a low husky voice that made me wonder if she smoked in her sleep as well as in the daytime.

After dinner we went to Fosters Freeze. Boy was it grubby, but the ice cream hit the spot. What is it about being out of town that makes you not care that a place where you're eating is filthy? Is it the same thing that kicks in when you get in a cab and don't buckle up?

Oh. Maybe that's just me.

Blessedly I'm not sharing my work with you. However while I was working I took this picture by mistake. I call it "Accidental Awesomeness".

The next day my colleague and I went to the park. I'm not quite sure where I was when I took this picture but I can tell you that I was probably very happy.

I can't believe that that was only last week.

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