December 19, 2009

Taiwan Day, 1: Dinner

The reason we managed to do so many things on the first day was that we arrived incredibly early and that we had boundless energy from being cooped up in an airplane for half a day.

In my previous post I didn't even mention visiting Green Workshop the amazing critter store that had all manner of Hercules beetles and hedgehogs and some snakes and fluffy chicks that are to be *someone's* dinner. I see that it is Taiwan's first live insect store. Congratulations.

Our first dinner in Kaohsiung was amazing. The lot of us (10?) went to the restaurant next door to the hotel. If you're ever hungry in Kaohsiung, visit 100 street restaurant, next door to Lee's Hotel on Wu Fu 2nd Rd. The forklift tour ladies did an amazing job of ordering what was around us, and it just kept coming. I forgot to take pictures until it looked like this.

This was right about the time that a French expat had settled in for a stay at our table and professed to hate Englishmen, which was a bit of a problem for some of us.

The others of us turned in soon after.

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