December 12, 2009

Taiwan, the flight

The forklift exhibition is in Kaohsiung, its second venue in Taiwan. I went for the install.

I'm just like a little kid. The airplane ride is one of my favorite parts. You can do your own thing for hours, and someone feeds you every once in a while. If you fall asleep, it's no big deal.

For this reason, the blankie sets the tone. This was going to be a good flight:

The food, too. EVA's cuisine does not hold a candle to ANA, but it was nice and they cut their butternut squash into flowers:

Breakfast included little fried tofu boats with shrimp paste. The main star was congee, which I'd never had before. It was a lovely porridge of various grains, with condiments to mix into it. I preferred to eat most of them separately. This was also my introduction to pork floss. It has the texture of cheap red doll's hair. It tastes like slightly sweetened jerky. It is an ingredient in much of the food in Taiwan, including sushi.

As we got to Kaohsiung, one more plane flight later, I could not stop taking photos:

If you enlarge this photo you will see the thing that is really intriguing: a mix of light industrial and a temple right in the middle of it. I could not get enough of the juxtaposition of it.

Let the day begin.

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