December 19, 2009

Taiwan, Day 2

Monday began our work with the forklift museum. It was fabulous, but I’m not going to describe it other than to say that I would like to come back to Kaohsiung and work with the forklift conservator again. We were well matched.

Instead I’ll describe breakfast. Although the advance press on the breakfast buffet was that it wasn't that tasty, I liked it a lot. Each day was an adventure. On Monday I had plum drink with osmanthus, which tasted like lightly smoked prunes. For the rest of the meal I concentrated on Japanese treats: candied tofu, emperor’s vegetable, inari and burdock.

The little pink bottled friend is Yakult probiotic yogurt. No English on the bottle but I happened to recognize it. They sponsor a baseball team in Japan. Maybe I'll follow them this year (inasmuch as this is possible). I drank the yogurt every day of our stay.

After work the boys and I ate at the bar on the corner: spicy edamame, caramel corn and deep fried pork intestines. The pork intestines were something worth trying once, but never again. The outsides were crispy and tough, but once my molars broke through the crispy shell, the texture of the pliable insides made me scramble not to blow my cool. Thank god it was Monday (Carlsberg night) and the Carlsberg girl, in green apron, came to hawk her wares and give me something to wash this all down with.


So ends Day 2.

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