July 15, 2012

Italy 2012: Day 4

In reviewing my photos, it seems as if day 3 was more eventful than I'd recalled. After dinner which, by the way was at this restaurant:

We went to the palazzo next door and had a few negroni sbagliato, and went upstairs to our rooms for a moment prior to going dancing. On the first set of stairs I caught my toe on a stair, went flying, and sprained my foot.  I took that as a sign, limped into bed. With the dancing crew, hijinks ensued with a local floozy who wanted to dance with Time Machine, insulted She Jimmy and caused a scene. I missed it all!

Day 4 was the last true day of work. I'd been standing all day for the three days prior, but someone found me a chair and I rested my foot.

That evening we managed to finish in time to go to Papa's, a nearby restaurant, with the forklift handlers to watch Italy v. Croatia in the European Cup. 

Then off to Bella Napoli, which is owned by a friend of one of the forklift handlers. She Jimmy ticked off the owner by ordering the restaurant's signature dish and not finishing it. When she told our friend that she'd ordered an appetizer and that's why she couldn't finish the entree she was informed that she shouldn't have ordered the appetizer.

I guess that that just isn't done!

Then off for a toddy. It was really hot, so it was a gin and tonic. Then I wanted to go home but nobody else did, so I took some preposterous and incorrect directions from Luton and walked home.

Then I realized a) I was lost and b) my phone had 8% battery. Oo oo. I texted this photo of my location and demanded they find me:

and tried to phone them but they were phoning me, and it was all quite comical. There weren't that many people in the street at that hour to ask for directions. I felt dumb, but was unafraid. I knew that I could sleep in any doorway, or I could wait until the next hour for the bells in Piazza del Erbe to chime the hour and I could follow the sound of the bells.  Eventually I found lovers on bicycles who gave me directions. I understood the first two parts of the directions, then I found more lovers on bicycles and asked them. Eventually I found my way.

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