July 24, 2012

Russodad 2012: Glorious Vacation Novel Edition, answers

...plus Balderdashia pt. 1

 Here are the actual first lines of yesterday's novels. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have discovered that sometimes my siblings chose the second or third line of the book.

Anything For You:
5)    Regan sat in the plush waiting room of the city’s larest and most prestigious law firm, trying to conceal her nervous jitters.
Capital Crimes (My Sister’s Keeper, Berkeley)
5)    The Women’s Association of Northern California, Conquistadores Chapter Number 16, was housed in a sumptuous turn-of-the-century, Beaux-Arts-touched-by-Gothis castle topped by crenellations and turrets and constructed of massive blocks of mauve-grey Deer Isle granite from a long-dead quarry in Maine.
Ahab’s Wife, or The Stargazer
2)    Captain Ahab was neither my first husband nor my last.
6)    Peter Jameson hadn’t heard a sound since 7pm.

And now for last night's game of Balderdash! In happy family news we were joined in Balderdashia this year by our ten-year-old grand-niece and sometimes her little sister who, oddly, has remained mostly mute this vacation.

1)    A corn-based food supplement for cattle
2)    Perfectly-spaced, as in a properly mortared row of bricks
3)    To use dirty tweezers
4)    The regional language of the farthest western borough in Belfast, Northern Ireland
5)    The residual in the still after making moonshine
6)    A tool used for making rope
7)    A monogram in which initials are embedded in each other
8)    The space between a South African antelope’s cloven hoof

May 7, 1980
1)    Bright pink and orange were voted the most popular colors in America
2)    MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) was formed by Mrs. Phyllis Gray
3)    Ethanol is introduced as a fuel in the US
4)    China’s population tops one billion
5)    On this date the National Geographic Spelling Bee was first held
6)    The much-anticipated wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer
7)    Home Box Office (HBO) becomes the first cable channel to air recent movie  releases without commercial interruptions
8)  Breznev becomes the leader of the USSR

1)    Lace and Piecework Maker’s Society
2)    Louisiana Photo-Mapping Society
3)    Lower Ashtabula Pothole Mending Society
4)    Latin American Paper Money Society
5)    Los Angeles Plant Mowing Society
6)    Louisiana Apple Pie Making Society
7)    Light Afflicted Post Meridian Society
8)    Lit Amber Paper Monkey Smores
9)    Louisiana Association of Philanthropic Mothers and Sons

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