July 15, 2012

Italy 2012: Day 6

Too much talking. Not enough eating.

Just kidding.

We had high hopes for the day, but Jimmy had to work. Time Machine and I wanted to find the record store, but it was too darned hot. For a little bit we sat in the square behind our hotel and people-watched for a while. Darn if we didn't see our modified Louise Brooks from the other night, in a cardigan, dressed like a schoolgirl, with her mom and her grandma. Funny.

Dinner with friends of Jimmy's who came up from Milan and humored us when we wanted to eat at Tiratappi for the third time.


Yummy salami!

and a recitation by our friends of the writings that the Mantovani youth left in my book. PLUS a rigorous researching of what kinds of 60's Italian music I should seek out, since Time Machine and I didn't record shop. Texts were flying from all over Italy as people weighed in on what artists we should listen for. I still haven't had time to check it all out.

They went back to Milan, and we reconvened with a friend at a place next to Bella Napoli. 

Afterward, I did not walk home alone.

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