July 15, 2012

Italy 2012: Last Moments

Ready to sip the last moments of Mantova, we ventured out for a cup of coffee. We ended up at a cafe that provided our only lousy meal.

This was a cute, grainy and awful cake posed decoratively on the day's paper that talks about the destruction caused by the fortnight's worth of earthquakes in the region.

And I like to call this photo "Pitting Edema". Although you can see that the discoloration is receding, my foot chose this day, the day we were getting on a plane, to swell up to alarming proportions. That yellow spot is a dent left by my finger when I pressed into the foot. Eeew.

I went back to the hotel room for a "flopnhoff" before our flight. I coined this term during our visit here.  A flopnhoff is that thing where you have extra time before you have to leave for the airport and you just turn on the tv in your room and look for an awful television show to distract you, such as something featuring David Hasselhoff. This flopnhoff was also foot propping time.

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful. My foot continued to swell but did not cause any life-threatening conditions. Mantova was pretty great. I was able to orient myself into the forklifts again, and it was good prep for my work 10 days later at the install in Bonn.


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