July 15, 2016

Japan July 2016 Saturday

Note: as is my custom of late, I only wrote two posts in real time and then the rest in arrears. I am reposting them in order six weeks later.


Time to switch gears and go to Japan. Despite having put things aside for the trip prior to my family vacation it took until the last minute to finish packing (while watching Season 1 of Hawaii 5-0). Mrguy was my ride, and got me to the airport with plenty of time.

The first flight was fine. I was flying first class, and after having done that I can’t see spending those sums on a short hop flight where they can’t even lavish you with attention. The nice girl next to me had a $2500 LV tote, and I, the pretender, was wearing my pants from Goodwill and a sumo-themed t-shirt that the Japanese are not really enjoying.

The Goodwill pants and I are not quite the same shape at the moment. I was really happy to get my baggage at my first connection and open it to find my belt because my pants were falling down.

Then off to the airport lounge. I served myself a plate of coconut curry chicken and a smoothie and streamed Pakele Live so I could watch Waipuna’s second set. David was on fiyaah! Sad that they’re headed to Fukushima next week when I’ll be in Nagasaki. So near and yet so far.


The big flight was ok. Really, if the seat folds flat that’s enough. Anything else is gravy. But I have to say that I asked for a bowl of udon and it was vile. Completely vile. It tasted like Funyun-flavored lawn clippings on noodles. So bad. And I clearly picked the wrong Vanity Fair for the trip. Let’s call it the sex abuse issue. Endless stories of sex abuse. But I watched part of one show in which Matsuko interviewed a guy who is obsessed with gummy candy. I love Matsuko. She’s so imperious. But she’s a big lady and I was worried about all of the sugar she was eating. A person should pass out from eating that many gummies.

Haneda has been interesting. I followed my colleagues’ instructions on how to navigate the airport. All worked out so well. Found my first Lawsons and bought smoked tarako-centered rice ball, some jello with loquat and a package of sumo baby treats. No idea what it is. AND I found Orangina brand gummies, introduced to me last night by the lovely Matsuko.

Then I got to security. I’d brought my tools with me, as a safeguard against losing them. They didn’t care about the knife blade, but they didn’t like my tweezers. They made me check my laptop bag, so now I’m carrying a laptop and a hard drive and my binder. Argh.

And now I wait. One more flight and one more bus ride and one walk or taxi and I'm there. All I care about is that I'm in front of a television at 4pm for today's sumo broadcast. I haven't watched live in a while. What if my tv has English language audio? That would be heaven. I printed out the banzuke so I can catch up (there's been a lot of movement in the last few bashos).

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