July 14, 2016

Tally Ho

Just got home from the mountain yesterday afternoon. 

My lungs are happy, my eyes are happy, my cats are happy. I had to disengage from three cats (on shoulder, on lap, tucked under an arm) in order to pack my next bag. 

While looking for something in the linen closet I found the most random box -- baseball cards, seeds, a reel-to-reel recording of an interview with Huey Newton, and an old postcard. On-topic, since I'm headed to Japan today.

No idea what matsuri this postcard below represents, but I've forgotten to mark an occasion of my own -- the tenth anniversary of mrsguy! It's been a good chunk of time, and much has happened. Found my stride at the factory, joined two bands, we remodeled two kitchens and a bathroom, bought and sold a house, lost one cat and gained two, found new passions in sumo (thanks, ex-ms scandiwaiian) and oral history. I became an improv wife (thanks to mrguy) and celebrated our 20th anniversary. I search for skills I need or want and find great pleasure and support in my three teachers (meditation, singing, training).

Time to finish packing...

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Richard P said...

Have a good trip to Japan!

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