February 7, 2010

The Bathroom Is Going Down

At last mrguy and I are on the same page at the same time about the bathroom.

Although the charm of its original pink tile was one of the things that drew us to it in the first place, it's now really really beat, just like the kitchen was before we redid it. We took turns hating it and then getting over it. Finally, in the immortal words of mrguy, we both decided the bathroom is going *down*.

We are using the same contractor as we did on the kitchen, and we have the shopping list and his advice for how to move ahead. First step, flooring. The palette for the rest of the room flows from this. But no pressure, people.

Yesterday we commenced to shop. My better half suffers a certain amount of trauma resulting from living with 3 inch square pink Cal-Tile in his bathroom for nine years. Pink's off the list, and so are 3" squares. My initial hope of irregular -shaped green slate or local
stone is out. Too dark, too difficult. And I could go either pretty girly (bright palette) or completely hippie (stone, burl, earthy). Mrguy could go with something like this, which just doesn't make enough of a statement for me.

If I were made out of money I'd do the floor in these pebbles, which I think are lovely. Or polished black stones. I am going to find a way to add a small amount of these pebbles to the room, possibly in the soap dish.
I just don't know. Girly? Dudely? But in other news we found our toilet for several hundred cheaper, which helps. A fine toilet that's lower flush and ADA height (sorry shorties!):

The same people had a perfectly nice set of shower fixtures that we could agree on for a good price. Some decisions were made, just not the ones that we set out to decide.

We made a brief detour to the falafel shop behind the dumpster near work for sustenance. Mrguy says it's his new favorite place. My falafel plate was so huge that I ate it for two meals yesterday and one meal today. Yum.

Then we went off over the hill to buy bedding for our new bed.

Thank you Macy's home sale, and to mrguy who wore red for an extra discount.

Now we just need the bed...

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