February 3, 2010

People From the Past

I'm home sick again today. My third cold in 8 weeks. My second in January alone. It really bugs me.

Slept in this morning and then read the paper online. Man, that girl in the paper sure looked like an old acquaintance of mine, but she passed away years ago. She died in childbirth.

Turns out that the article was about women who have passed away in childbirth, and my acquaintance's story was told as part of it. She has a foundation in her name now...

Life can be unfair. She was an extraordinary girl. Her smile took up well over a third of her face and she used that smile often. She was goofy and beautiful and funny and smelled like cucumber oil from the Body Shop.

I didn't get to know her well. I hoped that we'd reconnect in the future, and she was the first person I asked about when we had a reunion of the people from the restaurant where I met her. The news was shocking then, and still is shocking now.

I'm going to enjoy this day and all that it brings, even if that's mucous and boredom and feeling slow.

That's what you gotta do.

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