February 3, 2010

Away We Go

Last month was the Grand Mamoo's birthday. As is customary, we went to the seashore. For many years this is what Mom and Pop did together for her birthday, and now this is what Mamoo, Big Sis Guy and I do. We had a blast.

First order of business: I woke up at 7:30, in order to be at the ancestral Guy house at the appointed hour of 9am.

I got there and uh...Mom was not finished packing. Two more hours of packing were necessary, actually, but we were all having a good time.

Did I mention that we were just going overnight? This is how much stuff was necessary:

We went out for lunch, and then went to the local history museum. It was filled with taxidermy and dioramas. What's not to like?

We went to see the butterflies, and then toddled off to our hotel.

After a rest, we took a walk by the beach and saw the sunset and the local wildlife (someone was making a house call).

In the morning we hung out in our room for a good long time and ate breakfast and were pummeled at dominoes by Mom. She and Pop had a running game for 50+ years. She still keeps her final score sheet in with the tiles.

We shopped, we ate at a weird fish shack that Mom turned us on to (go Mom!) and came home.

Mom said "I just want you to know that I'm having a *very* good time".

Us too, Mamoo :)

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