January 28, 2010


Today a friend asked a question: are Trader Joe's shoppers more awkward and spatially challenged than shoppers at other stores? Is it just her store? The consensus from her friends is that people are nerds all over.

Honey, we have bourgeois problems and I don't know how I feel about that.

I find Trader Joe's to be cult-y and crowded. It reminds me of some of the entitled rich hippies I served at my last waitressing job. Just thinking about it and them makes me feel anxious. I am far happier shopping at a regular grocery store. It's true that I get my weekly fill of organic veggies. In that way I'm not exactly keeping it real, but in my mind the value of getting the box is in the variety it brings to our diets, not necessarily the cult factor of organics.

Clearly I'll be gnawing on this subject some more.

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